Change Our Story

Love stories left incomplete.

Sometimes I wonder If I’d go back and change our story.

Change a scene or two, tweak what our story came to be or would I keep it as is?

There are times I get stuck in the past.

I wonder if it’s because I flashback to when things were good and then wonder where exactly we could have been.

I sit and wonder how far our love could have gone.

It’s in those moments that I wish I could go back and change our story the way I do these books.

So often I’ve wanted to turn back the page; give us what we both desired.

Plans changed drastically and as much as it bothered me, I knew it was the way things needed to be.

Do you every think about us? Going back and stopping me from giving up? Would you change what used to be us?

Or are you happy? Relieved that you don’t have to live up to what I imagined for us?

The series didn’t get a completed ending.

So many questions unanswered…

Wondering if I should answer them.

Wondering if we should complete this one last book.

Maybe I need to stop wondering as much as I do…

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