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Love, I long for it…at least there was a point in time when I did, and even though I want to let it go there’s a voice telling me, Don’t give up on love.

Will I ever find true love again? I wish I knew the answer because these days I don’t have much faith in it coming my way. Part of. me has given up, telling myself I should be grateful to have experienced it.

Yet, I haven’t had the chance of experience a love that will remain next to me in this life and the next. So, I do what I can to hold onto hope of getting to experience it for one last time.

With that said here are some quotes for you (and me) that will help keep hope alive.

Don’t Give Up… On Love Quotes.
  1. Never give up on love. Never say that it is too much because it is worth it at the end of it all.
  2. Somewhere along the way, you may want to quit, but darling, you should never give up on love.
  3. There are so many things to do, but you should never give up on love, for it is vital.
  4. Let things go and realize that there is so much more to loving than to let go, keep pursuing.
  5. You must never give up on love no matter how tough life gets because love is the answer.

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