A Worthy Love Book Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Whew!” is all I have to say about A.E. Valdez’s book, A Worthy Love. When I tell you a book has never made me laugh this much, made my stomach flutter, and brought tears to my eyes… it’s never happened to me before.

A.E. Valdez covers infidelity, domestic and emotional abuse, as well as abortion. I could relate to some of these, which pulled at my heartstrings.

If you’ve read the Sunshine + Ace series, you’ve already been introduced to Asher and Marisa.

You know they didn’t start or end on the best of terms. But baby, let me tell you something, about 30% into the book, I was like, maybe Asher isn’t the womanizing ass he was made out to be. This man is loving, attentive, funny, protective, and knows how to put it down in and out of the bedroom. He may just have Acyn beat, lol.

I had to take my time reading this one because the topics throughout this book got heavy. I felt for Marisa when it came to her entire situation with her mother and Reese. All the time she spent loving and caring for others, it wasn’t until Asher that she finally had someone in her corner.

Let me convince you to read it with a few of my favorite highlights.

I annoy myself because sometimes, like right now, I want more. But most of the time I’m guarding myself out of fear of getting hurt. Maybe one day I’ll figure out what the fuck I want. I decide today isn’t that day

A Worthy Love – Risa

I don’t believe in fairy tales, Risa. But you… I believe in you

A Worthy Love – Asher

He’s not an anchor for me. More like a lighthouse, guiding me through the treacherous waters back to myself.

A Worthy Love – Risa

Are you convinced yet? I hope so. Go read the book guys!

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