Unrequited Love

young woman posing in an abandoned building
Photo by Nano Erdozain on Pexels.com

I feel lost in your presence, even though you don’t seem to notice me.In your presence, I feel a sense of disorientation, despite the fact that you appear to be unaware of my existence.

I persist in showing my ability to provide for your needs, despite receiving nothing in return for my efforts.

Perhaps you have given your heart to someone else, and even though she caused you pain, you still yearn for her just as I yearn for you. Now, I lay here stuck, thinking of ways to snatch your heart from the woman who doesn’t deserve to have it.

It’s difficult to express just how much this longing is hurting me.

What can I do to capture your attention and keep you captivated by my presence?

Do I have to jump off a cliff to get you to love me? Walk to the edge of the earth to get you to come searching for me?

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