The Diary of She is a collection of poems and affirmations created to show the many emotions women tend to go through without life. The author gives you a look into her past relationships, her journey to discovering herself and more. With these diaries I hope to empower women; inspire them to be themselves and to let them know that it’s okay to be hurt. There will always be a light shining bright once they make it through the pain.

The Diary of She

The Diary of She – Vol.II

Not only does the creator of TDOS write poems but she writes novels as well. Check them out below.

Let’s Be Friends – A story of love, friendship & betrayal. Find out what happens when one, “Let’s be friends” text changes the lives of Rebecca and Nasir.

Let’s Be Friends…Again – A group of friends are faced with the consequences of their past and left wondering if it will leave a bad stain on the future.

In Love With An Oakland Hot Boy – Sometimes the man of your dreams turns out to be the nightmare you tried your hardest to avoid.