[Video] H.E.R. – “Every Kind of Way”

One of my favorite artist for some time now has been H.E.R. Many people have been trying to figure out who the mystery woman is behind the voice, well let me be the one to spoil it for you if you don’t know. It’s Gabi Wilson from Vallejo, California. A lot of people will ask how are you sure about that? Well when you really like an artist you do your research and looking through some of Gabi Wilson’s old interviews you’ll find out that she talked about releasing her mixtape H.E.R. awhile back. Don’t believe me though, find out for yourself lol.

Anyways`she’s released an official video for her single,”Every Kind of Way” still leaving some mystery as to who H.E.R. really is; hiding behind those curls and lowlights.


[New Music] Jhené Aiko – While We’re Young

Jhene releases a new video, a modern day 50 First Dates 🙂

He walks into a diner to find a woman eating and drawing. The man that works their warns him she has short term memory and to stay away but it doesn’t stop him from approaching and building a relationship with her. Towards the end she’s starting to realize he has been with her all along as she looks at her drawings. Now that’s love! A man who spends everyday reminding/showing you what you’ve become no matter the hardship. She was worth starting over with each and every day. YAS Jhené!!!

“I Had To Save Me..” Kehlani releases SweetSexySavage. 

Today Bay Area native Kehlani Parrish released her first studio album with Atlantic Records, “SexySweetSavage” featuring hit singles “CRZY” and “Distraction.” This comes a year after becoming a Grammy nominated artist for her second mixtape You Should Be Here, which I still listen to faithfully but it was her first mixtape Cloud19 that turned me into a true fan and I’ve been in love with her since.

Kehlani tells LA Times this album is about finding herself and happiness, “I didn’t want to be sad every time I go onstage … and I didn’t want to sink back into depression or relive these things over and over again.” She went on to say,  “I wanted to make myself happy … that’s what this album is about.”

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[Video] dvsn – “With Me/Do It Well”

Okay I’m like a month late with this video but how could I not post this video. I will admit the girl singing along to “With Me” in the car I could have gone without because I’m absolutely in love with this song. I only wanted to hear his voice lol. Other than that I love how he doesn’t appear in his video but uses women in his visuals to bring alive his music. ❤