[New Music] Jhené Aiko – While We’re Young

Jhene releases a new video, a modern day 50 First Dates 🙂

He walks into a diner to find a woman eating and drawing. The man that works their warns him she has short term memory and to stay away but it doesn’t stop him from approaching and building a relationship with her. Towards the end she’s starting to realize he has been with her all along as she looks at her drawings. Now that’s love! A man who spends everyday reminding/showing you what you’ve become no matter the hardship. She was worth starting over with each and every day. YAS Jhené!!!

XOXO Sasha Ravae: Blog Talk

Hello Everyone,

I got the chance to be a guest blogger on Sasha Ravae‘s Blog Talk. Sasha is an author/editor as well as the Founder & CEO of Black Eden Publications. Her blog focuses on giving tips to up & coming and established writers.


Go check out my article and you may want to pick up a few books for yourself well you’re looking around.

[Video] dvsn – “With Me/Do It Well”

Okay I’m like a month late with this video but how could I not post this video. I will admit the girl singing along to “With Me” in the car I could have gone without because I’m absolutely in love with this song. I only wanted to hear his voice lol. Other than that I love how he doesn’t appear in his video but uses women in his visuals to bring alive his music. ❤

[Video] 6LACK – Prblms

It’s hard for me to keep up with new artist especially when I don’t go searching like I used to but thanks to Apple Music I came across this artist named 6LACK and his album FREE 6LACK is one worth adding to your playlist.

Check out his video to the single Prblms

Like why you do that
Crying you want to be great, but sleepin’ until the next day
Why you do that
Don’t got that much in the bank, we go out she order the steak
Why you do why you do that
She can’t explain it but just know it working for her
She claiming she down on her luck, but really she don’t give a fuck
And I cannot make this shit up
And I ain’t did shit, but be the real thing
She know I’m the real, that’ll never change
I won’t be the one, to try to explain
While you catch them feels I’m a sip on this drank
It’s easing the pain