Let’s Be Friends – Available Now

Let’s Be Friends available now in ebook, paperback and kindle unlimited at link in bio. After receiving a “Let’s Be Friends” text from her boyfriend of two years, Rebecca is left wondering how her world was turned upside down in less than 24-hours. amazon.com/dp/B0BFVQPXCW/ Rebecca is a beautiful black woman thriving in the world of... Continue Reading →

B&H Book Trailer

Readers have described her work as "empowering," "heartfelt and raw," and "reminds us all that we're worthy of love, especially from ourselves."With her last poetry book, Her Final Entries being compared to Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur.Brokenhearted & Horny explores the ups and downs women go through when it comes to heartbreak, love and... Continue Reading →

K-Drama: My Top 5

What's a K-Drama you ask? A K-Drama is a Korean television show, made in South Korea, and is in the Korean language. For someone history click here Let me just say it's been the best TV I've watched ever since we got stuck in a pandemic. I'm not sure which show started my obsession... actually... Continue Reading →

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