Opinions, Advice and Approval Ratings? For Me? Girl Bye!

How much does the opinions and approvals of someone else really matter to you…? If you had to think about it, you should definitely read this.

What is approval anyway? Why does everyone have an opinion of something when it comes to me? So what someone says, I don’t like how you’re rocking that dress, you should wear heels with it and not sneakers. Whatever!

Here’s 6 reasons why someone else’s approval and opinions of me don’t matter!

  1. They do not have to walk in my shoes. People are always going to have an opinion about something you say, do or what have you, but at the end of the day, it’s your life that you have to live and not theirs. Period.
  2. No one can really say what they would do IF they were me. Reality is, they’re not me.
  3. They wouldn’t do what they’re telling me to do. Many times people give advice to others but wouldn’t do the same if it were them, as a matter of fact, they wouldn’t even be open to opinions of others. It’s easier to tell someone else to do something than to actually do it themselves. Why? Because they know they wouldn’t really take those kind of chances. For instance a husband cheated on his wife and all her girlfriends are like “Girl you crazy, I wouldn’t put up with that” “You need to leave his a$$” “It wouldn’t be me”
    Truth is, these women wouldn’t really leave their mates and they have probably done worse. Best thing is, keep your business to yourself as far as friends and family go because they’re gonna always have the best solution for you and your situation.
  4. Deep down we know what we want or need to do so do it! Go with your gut (or intuition) ladies. I know for me, almost every time I go against it, it doesn’t work out for me. So listen to your intuition, that’s why we have it!
  5. Those “friends” giving me an approval when their stuff probably raggedy itself. This one you have to be careful of. Sometimes other people are so miserable about their own lives that they want others to be the same so they give you bad advice on purpose or they say they don’t like something because they can’t have it too. And yes, ladies, some of them “so called” girlfriends are undercover jealous of you. So because of that, be mindful of who you speak to. Everyone doesn’t want to see you succeed, be happy or loved.
  6. Too many opinions will have me confused. Confusion leads to making wrong choices. I’m just saying.

So no matter what, someone in our lives is always going to have an opinion about something; from the style of your hair to the choice in a mate. It’s up to you how much you allow the approval, perspectives, and opinions of others to affect your life. You know who you are, what you like, what you want and what you need, don’t let others decide that for you.

When you love you, you don’t need the approval of others.

Sometimes we get lost in a society of what’s acceptable or normal and that’s what it suppose to be, right?! Not hardly. Nothing wrong with being different and being yourself. When you love you and you know who you are, then that’s what it is.

Happy Healthy Living,

Bee Macson

30, It’s Officially Around The Corner!


Okay, maybe not that close but after yesterday, 5/14, which was my birthday, 30 is officially 364 days away. Am I scared? Not like I thought I would be because it’s not about the age, it’s about the experiences, the lessons and the progress. I spent so much time thinking I had to have a husband by 30, a set career by 30, a home by 30 and so many other things BUT here I am at 29 and I’m HAPPY.

Within the 29 years I’ve been on this Earth I believe I’ve done and learned what I’ve needed to, so far. It started in the womb where I began to grow and learned to survive within my mother. Once I opened my eyes to the world outside of her, the growth continued, the teaching and learning began and here I am at 29 still alive and well.

It took me 29 years to realize what I was truly passionate about, to get to know myself as a woman and to realize that life isn’t all about having the best of everything ( cars, clothes, jewels etc.) Besides if I had all the things money could buy me, it would mean nothing if I wasn’t right within myself because those things aren’t what make a person complete.  Even billionaires find themselves unhappy and depressed because they spent so much time assuming all the riches in the world equaled up to happiness.

That even includes finding love. Like I mentioned, I thought I’d be engaged by now and having that wedding next year. Not like it can’t still happen but I’ve been in the process of getting to know what it’s like to truly be alone, which includes no dating and I’ve even cut off those booty calls from the guy you keep on the back burner for just in case moments or the guy you think you’ll eventually be with when HE gets it together. Years of being involved with guys that didn’t truly value who I was as a woman got me thinking, it’s not just them but it’s also ME. What didn’t I like about myself that kept leading me to the same type of guys? Yea, I found my voice and spoke up about the disrespect, yet I still stuck with them because I believed I needed to have somebody no matter how bad I felt with them.

Then as far as a career, I’m not working a full-time job that I’m set in until I retire. I’m contracted but the money is nice and helping me get by. Maybe one day I’ll find that career I’m set in or maybe those books I write and clothes I enjoy creating will be the thing that gets me everything I want. Withing 2 years I’ve released 4 books, which is something I never thought I’d do and that alone is an extremely huge accomplishment. Only time will tell what’s really in my future when it comes to this author/business shit but I think it’s going to be something great.

Although I feel like 30 is officially around the corner, I’m going to enjoy the last of my 20s. I’m finally traveling more, spending more time loving on my family, my mom skills are improving, shit I’m improving and I want to continue to be the best woman and mother I can be.

So, with that said, YAY!!! to this last year in my 20s. Let’s make 29 great!!


Are Titles Necessary?

I know by now most of us have seen the video posted by PrinceTattedd with the girl Ashley, who sat next to him for waaaayyyyy too long listening to his bullshit about how he doesn’t want a title. If you haven’t seen it you can watch it below before I get into my spill.

Now the video I watched on Facebook was 7 mins but this shit is a 16 min video and I’m over him and I’m also over her for sitting there for so long. BTW it’s also another video and this nigga has keys to her place. Her dad also told her this fool got her looking dumb so he’s mad at her as he should be. The moment he told her he could fuck around with other women but if she did the same he would cut, she needed to get up and walk the hell away BUT looking at her face she already had her mind made up on where her feelings would be staying and that is with him. She has become attached to this man and has already built a bond with the person his YouTube fans do not get to see.

We can call her stupid and we can also say he ain’t shit but trust and believe we’ve all been in this situation, some of us more than once. Now I respect him for finally saying something to her but he should have been straight forward from the start that way she wouldn’t have went into the situation thinking they were working towards a relationship. Now I’m not saying he needed to put a title on what they are because titles aren’t really necessary but an understanding is needed. What I mean by this is going into the situation it should have been made clear that:

Are Titles Necessary?

Happiness and Positivity is the Destination

It wasn’t until December 2016 that I decided I wanted to work on becoming a more positive person and work on my own happiness. Positivity and happiness were something I always said I wanted but never acquired.  In order for me to be happy I needed to work on being positive as well.


For me the first step was accepting that I wasn’t in a happy place.

I may have painted this happy picture but besides the joy I felt when in the presence of my son everything else felt forced. There was always some type of drama in my life and if it wasn’t my own it was someone else’s that I was taking on. I was getting tired of the anger I had building up, the depression I was starting to feel and the fake smile I put on when people were around. While I was silently suffering I was becoming envious of those around me that seemed like they were genuinely happy. I constantly felt like I had a dark cloud over my head following me wherever I went.

Happiness and Positivity is the Destination

Growth: Finding Myself.

There was a time in life  I’d wake up every morning thinking I knew who I was until the day came that I realized I didn’t know myself at all.  I wasn’t sure where my life was heading and if I’d ever get to that destination. I spent more time worrying about what I didn’t have that I stopped focusing on the journey ahead.

A chunk of my life has been spent letting people dictate who I’d be; mostly the men I caught myself falling for. I was weak, I didn’t have a voice and I damn sure wasn’t using my mind. I look back and I see that I almost let my life go down a path of destruction. I’ve done things that I’ll never be able to take back. For years I was upset with myself and tried to bury the past. How could I almost let my life come to that?  I was disappointed in myself but that was a chapter of my life that made a piece of me. I thought I regretted the situation until I realized I learned and grew from it. I was not that person but I still had some searching to do.

Growth: Finding Myself.