Kehlani – Honey [Official Video]

I know you’ve probably seen my post about the time I thought I was a lesbian (you can read it here if not) but let me just say this is the second song Kehlani has made that made me go, “Hey, let me just go on those dates I get asked on and see how it goes.” I love the simplicity of this video and the woman she chose to star in it is just as beautiful as she is. BTW my cousin @allieyamaguchi did her makeup (you should check her out on IG. She’s come a long way and is amazing at what she does).

“I Had To Save Me..” Kehlani releases SweetSexySavage. 

Today Bay Area native Kehlani Parrish released her first studio album with Atlantic Records, “SexySweetSavage” featuring hit singles “CRZY” and “Distraction.” This comes a year after becoming a Grammy nominated artist for her second mixtape You Should Be Here, which I still listen to faithfully but it was her first mixtape Cloud19 that turned me into a true fan and I’ve been in love with her since.

Kehlani tells LA Times this album is about finding herself and happiness, “I didn’t want to be sad every time I go onstage … and I didn’t want to sink back into depression or relive these things over and over again.” She went on to say,  “I wanted to make myself happy … that’s what this album is about.”

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If My Love Life Were A Soundtrack


Songs on the radio I don’t really play but there’s always an artist who I can seem to relate. No I’m not talking about the money and all their fancy estates. I wouldn’t have a crowd of men drooling at my feet. Love and heartbreak would be more up my alley.

My list would include Kehlani, Jhene Aiko and Keyshia Cole because they’re all I seem to listen to these days. I may even throw in some K. Michelle here and there. Oh and let me not forget Mila J.

First I’d listen to Kehlani “Get Away”

I always wondered ’bout why you let me go
Why you let me walk, up on out that door
We just went out for drinks
Then you took me home
Walked me to my porch
Where you turned me on
That night you told me that you heard it in the background
Not just any music talking Mr. Soul Child
Said you was scared to come fuck with me cause you see I’m chasing dreams
But that mean that I don’t need no love

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[Video] Kehlani -“FWU”

I’m about a week late but that’s ago. I love when new artist hit the scene and I love it when they come straight out the Bay Area. What I love even more is when that artist is a singer. Kehlani first caught my attention with her song “Get Away” and I’ve been listening to her mixtape Cloud 19. Check out her video for “FWU,” which you can also find on the mixtape.