Death Wish

Photo by Maria Orlova on I wanted to give up on him. There was a part of me that believed one day he’d change. Life would hit him so hard he wouldn’t have a choice. Reality would hit and he’d do what needed to be done. Instead, he kept taking those pills. Looking for... Continue Reading →

Call Me Insane

I remember I used to sit back and wait for you to become available to me. It didn't matter if It took years, I was willing to wait and see. I just knew we were meant to be. We would talk on the daily; message after message. You were somebody else's, yet you had all... Continue Reading →

365 Days of You

A year with you was all I needed for all my dreams to come true With you there was no limit to what I could do No one had ever believed in me like you I was blinded when it came to what I could do the heights I could reach the love I could... Continue Reading →

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