Kehlani – Honey [Official Video]

I know you’ve probably seen my post about the time I thought I was a lesbian (you can read it here if not) but let me just say this is the second song Kehlani has made that made me go, “Hey, let me just go on those dates I get asked on and see how it goes.” I love the simplicity of this video and the woman she chose to star in it is just as beautiful as she is. BTW my cousin @allieyamaguchi did her makeup (you should check her out on IG. She’s come a long way and is amazing at what she does).

[Video] H.E.R. – “Every Kind of Way”

One of my favorite artist for some time now has been H.E.R. Many people have been trying to figure out who the mystery woman is behind the voice, well let me be the one to spoil it for you if you don’t know. It’s Gabi Wilson from Vallejo, California. A lot of people will ask how are you sure about that? Well when you really like an artist you do your research and looking through some of Gabi Wilson’s old interviews you’ll find out that she talked about releasing her mixtape H.E.R. awhile back. Don’t believe me though, find out for yourself lol.

Anyways`she’s released an official video for her single,”Every Kind of Way” still leaving some mystery as to who H.E.R. really is; hiding behind those curls and lowlights.


[Video] 6LACK – Prblms

It’s hard for me to keep up with new artist especially when I don’t go searching like I used to but thanks to Apple Music I came across this artist named 6LACK and his album FREE 6LACK is one worth adding to your playlist.

Check out his video to the single Prblms

Like why you do that
Crying you want to be great, but sleepin’ until the next day
Why you do that
Don’t got that much in the bank, we go out she order the steak
Why you do why you do that
She can’t explain it but just know it working for her
She claiming she down on her luck, but really she don’t give a fuck
And I cannot make this shit up
And I ain’t did shit, but be the real thing
She know I’m the real, that’ll never change
I won’t be the one, to try to explain
While you catch them feels I’m a sip on this drank
It’s easing the pain


Music That Touches My Soul

Music always tells a story that many of us can’t tell. Some of those lyrics touch some of us more than others. This is one of those songs for me.

Sinead Harnett – If You Let Me ft. GRADES

Hurts me the most when I wake
I fumble and twist, ’til the truth starts to click
There’s so much space in this bed
These sheets go for miles: dreams of your smile

I don’t wanna be just a memory
And I don’t wanna feel your wings break free
Because without you I’m lost in the breeze
I gotta be strong now, I gotta show you how
I’ll love you like I’ve never, ever loved somebody
I’ll give you things you didn’t even know you wanted
Don’t tell me that it’s not enough
My time is up, you’re over us
‘Cause I think I might do anything for you
If you just let me