Sex Based Relationships…

“A relationship built solely on sex is hardly a relationship at all…”


I’m not an expert when it comes to getting and keeping a relationship, as my ass has been single for what seems like forever, but I have had a share of my own relationships, some of which were based solely on sex. Can I even call this a relationship at all? Do these kind of relationships last once you remove the sex? I’m stuck between yes and no but I’m definitely leaning towards, “FUCK NO that shit doesn’t work out.”

I can remember getting into two different relationships (different times of course) and thinking back I can’t think of anything I had in common with either of these guys besides the fact that we enjoyed fucking each other, oh and they made me laugh. Gotta be able to make me laugh or we won’t be getting anywhere what so ever and YES, I said fucking. You can’t make love when you haven’t learned enough about each other outside of the bedroom to actually fall in love. Seriously,  these relationships were, “hey how are you, lets eat (some days), okay now let’s get it on wherever we can” kind of thing going on. I was still pretty young at the time so during those time periods it didn’t hit me that I was in a sexship, as my friend called it. I figured because we had made it clear we were together and that we couldn’t stay away from each other that we were in a real relationship. It took me getting into a serious ass, “we living” together relationship to realize it’s so much more to being with someone.

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Thoughts Before Bed

Funny thing is I’ve never claimed to love being single. I love that I’ve gotten to know myself more. I love that I’ve looked back on past relationships/situationships and learned my true worth. Learned that I’m not going to tolerate disrespect just to say I have someone that’s “MINE.” I love that I’ve become a stronger woman while being single. BUT I’ve never claimed to love the single life. I still believe in soulmates and spending a lifetime with my lover/bestfriend. Love is beautiful when you find it. It won’t be easy but it will be worth it when it’s right. 🖤🦋 #thoughtsbeforegoodnights