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[Podcast] Stage 30 – Sex & Investments

Okay so maybe I need to download Tinder and swipe right when I get bored because I need to get into the dating scene. My match might be out there lol  but hearing about ole boy trying to share germs within the first 20 mins I’m like naw I’m cool. I don’t need you taking my drink asking for a sip and I don’t even know you. She said she had fun but still lol. I guess it’s no different from dating guys off of IG, Twitter or Snap but just the idea of going on a dating app would be weird and a little creepy. I heard all the black men on Tinder have cats too lol. I don’t need that and I don’t need anyone trying to hit me up just trying to get some either.

I’m not going to go in on this much because you can get it from the Podcast but I loved hearing that a guy weighed in on the topic of having an orgasm. He said just because men cum it doesn’t mean he necessarily enjoyed the act. That lets us know that just like women we will have sex with someone and not enjoy it and not say anything about it. Most cases women will continue to go back but guys will hit it once and after that first time not being pleased he won’t try again. I also agree with them when they say we have to stop feeding these guys egos. If we faking he’s over there thinking he is putting in work and now his head is getting all big. Meanwhile the whole time he wack as hell and not getting any better. Ladies it’s our fault, we gotta stop these fake ass moans, oooos and aaahhhhhs lol.

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Bedroom Talk: Don’t Be Afraid To Speak Up

I was listening to Stage 30’s Podcast “Make Sure You Climax” and it brought up so much:

  • Not knowing our bodies
  • Being afraid to try new things
  • Thinking about his pleasure before yours
  • Not speaking up in the bedroom
  • Not wanting to sound like a freak hoe for speaking on sex

It gets to this point where it’s like I am not a little girl anymore. I shouldn’t be ashamed of who or how many people I’ve had sex with. I shouldn’t be embarrassed to talk about sex with my girlfriends and especially the guy I’m sleeping with because if I am we don’t have any business fucking at all. I have some of my best conversations with my girlfriends about sex. Like girl you did that? I did that too but I didn’t want anyone to think I was being a hoe. Did it hurt? Oh, not really? let me try that out then. Continue reading “Bedroom Talk: Don’t Be Afraid To Speak Up”


Stage 30: NO Means NO!

I’m a day late but Stage 30 is back with a new podcast, NO MEANS NO! I love that SU & Tray decided to touch on the subject of men who become angry and aggressive when a woman turns down their advances.

A woman can kindly let a man know she is not interested and it will result in men calling you bitches, hoes, telling you that you’re stuck up and sometimes they even result to threatening harm upon you. We read and see news stories that highlight issues like this; women being killed or badly assaulted because they didn’t want to give out their number or dance with you at the club.

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[Podcast] Stage 30 Talks about Work & Dating.

Su & Tray are back again speaking some real shit. Going into this podcast, “The First Date,” I was expecting that to be the starting conversation but child let me tell you, they brought up having a degree and finding work. That’s what really caught my attention. When it comes to looking for work your degree does not guarantee you’ll get the job you want. I went to school for journalism and child development and have yet to find a job in those fields.

When I finished college I was pregnant and working at Nike. Once I went on leave I told myself I could not go back to retail and I didn’t. My plan was to go back to work in 6 months and I felt like it wasn’t going to happen for me because I couldn’t find a job. Well, the Lord blessed me because a recruiter found my resume (a super old one) and I ended up with a job with 2 weeks of that call. I’ve been at this job for almost 2 years now and I started out making more than I’ve ever made working retail. I am getting to a point where I want to move on to a new company and one closer to home and I’m finding it to be extremely difficult. Working in the entertainment/movie field gave me an idea of what I wanted to do and I ended up getting an interview ( actually 4 interviews) with Netflix only to be told I did not get the position. It definitely discouraged me. I also find myself looking at positions telling myself nope don’t want to do this, don’t want to do that. I’ve turned down interviews and positions because I felt I could have found better but little do I know I could have grown in those positions. I believe a lot of people can relate to the struggles of finding work and having a degree, so thank you Su & Tray for sharing your stories.

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Self Love: Don’t Let A Relationship Define You.

Su & Tray (Stage30) gives us another great podcast about self-love and relationships.

First thing that really caught my attention was you should listen to when someone tells you that the person you are with is foul as fuck, especially when its their friend. A lot of times we won’t listen because we think their friend is trying to throw shade/plot on how they can get you. We automatically assume they’re hating on your “relationship” but they are genuinely trying to let you know to move on because this dude is running around on you. We don’t think about it until the nigga’s foul as ways start to appear. Even if a dude is trying to get with you knowing you are dating his friend is most likely because he’s doing dirt behind your back or his friend told him go for it because he’s not all about you anyway. We as women already know when a dude ain’t shit ourselves but we chose to ignore the signs. Start listening to the “hating homie” and yourself.

Another thing I loved about this podcast was the fact that they called out us women letting a relationship define who we are as women. We put all of our energy into the relationship instead of ourselves. I’ve been guilty of this in the past. You start depending on being with someone in order to be happy. We lose sight of our goals and what we currently had going on in our own lives. The moment the relationship fails you see females talking about how they’re going to get right with the Lord, go back to school and focus on themselves. You should have been doing that in the first place.

I could really go on and on about this podcast but I suggest you take a listen for yourself.