5 Must-Have Apps For Creatives

If you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, writer or an overall creative I’m sure you are starting to realize that social media has become one of the number one places to go for marketing purposes, especially Instagram. Depending on the content, number of followers and your overall consistency, it can even become a money maker for some. One day my goal will include receiving earnings for my content but right now my goal has been to build an audience that enjoys the content I create and aren’t just looking for a follow back.

As a new author, business owner and blogger, I was stuck on how I could grow my audience. I went from page to page hoping to get an idea for my own but I didn’t want my page to look like everyone else’s, it still had to be a representation of ME. For months I posted and deleted everything off my page until I finally came across a layout I was proud to look at. Being a social media manager for a few months also motivated me to get my shit together. Why was I able to grow an audience for someone else’s social media pages and not mine? Why was I putting so much work into another’s content and not mine. Little did I know, all it was going to take was a few extra tools (apps) to get the ball rolling.

With that said, here are 5 apps I think you should download immediately if you’re looking to be seen:


Canva is my absolute favorite app and is perfect for content creation. You can create content across all social media platforms including, IG, FB, Pinterest and more. It’ll even allow you to create your own flyers, book covers and those media kits to pass out at events. It’s literally a one stop shop and best of all it’s FREE. Of course it you want more of the advanced features you’ll have to pay, but take it from when I say it’s worth it. Here’s the author bio I created with it:


You know how Instagram only let’s you put one link in your bio? Thanks to Linktree you’re able to use one link that sends you to every website you own. I have about 5 links in my tree. I was tired of having to switch my links around whenever I wanted to promote a book, blog post or clothing.


Finally a place with completely free photos you can use for those blog post, stories and more. Usually you have to pay for professional photos or you’re stuck dealing with watermarks. Not with Unsplash! Not only are you able to use these beautiful, high-res photos but you can also contribute your own work. There’s also the option to give the photographer credit. It’s not required but I’m sure the artist would appreciate it. Here’s an example:

Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash


Another favorite of mine is Unfold. I use this app to create Stories on IG and Facebook. Most of the layouts are free but if you’r looking for more options you can purchase packs of templates for as low as .099c


This app I love because it helps you with those hashtags. Sometimes I have no clue what to tag under my post that relates to the content. Sure I have my go to #hashtags but sometimes it’s good to switch it up. It’ll get you’re work out there to a wider audience interested in what you are promoting, whether that be apparel, books or motivational quotes. Type in one or more hashtags into the search and the most relevant will appear. You can limit the amount of tags you’d like to use. Here’s what it looks like:

What tools do you enjoy using to create content/promote yourself?

I’ve Made Some Changes.

thought-catalog-641073-unsplashPhoto by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Last night I was up until about midnight thinking; thinking about all the ways I could rebrand The Diary of She. Not just the blog but all my social platforms that go with it. My YouTube Channel, Podcast and Social Media accounts. The longer I stay up the more ideas I have about making quality content and to stop worrying over the quantity.

The first thing that needed to change was my YouTube channel. I decided to completely get rid of it. There wasn’t many videos on there, about nine or so, but the quality of them absolutely sucked. Being that I don’t get the best lighting in my house, everything I recorded looked an absolute mess. I was finding that I was spending more time editing the video to not look so dark, overly bright or pixelated that I didn’t even want to record anymore. On top of that my background didn’t look the best. With that said my YouTube channel won’t be back until I can give you all the quality you deserve. In the meantime I’ve decided to focus on other aspects of my brand.

I’ve Made Some Changes.

[Quick Rant]-Status:Single

I’m growing tired of scrolling through my social media accounts and seeing men posting, “single AF” in all caps. It’s bad enough when us women do it. Makes us look lonely and desperate. So when I see men do it, it’s a complete turn off. What’s the motive? Are you hoping for a fuck load of females to leave their numbers in your inbox and beg for your time? Like seriously what is it? We all know that the main guys posting how single they are going to be back with the same chick they broke up with in a few days anyway. If you aren’t back with that one a new girlfriend isn’t far behind you and you’ll be posting about how “lil mama a rida” or some shit lol. Right now you’re just pissed off about something petty I’m sure, so your first reaction was to go to Facebook to update your status or IG to post a single meme. Then you guys wait for all the, “Omg you guys were such a cute couple,” “you deserve better,” comments from bitches that’s been on your dick since the second grade lol. Oh wait! Then instead of saying your about to go back to school or get right with God like females do you, you post about getting a check and staying on the grind. Um shouldn’t you already be doing that with or without a girlfriend? Is there some new grind out there for single dudes? Like come on. I’m just going to start laughing under you guys comments. You’re starting to look like you don’t know how to be alone. Get to know yourself instead of jumping from female to female. I’m bout tired of yall sounding like one of my girl friends. STOP IT!

annnnddd I’M OUT!!!!