5 Must-Have Apps For Creatives

If you're an entrepreneur, business owner, writer or an overall creative I'm sure you are starting to realize that social media has become one of the number one places to go for marketing purposes, especially Instagram. Depending on the content, number of followers and your overall consistency, it can even become a money maker for... Continue Reading →

I’ve Made Some Changes.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash Last night I was up until about midnight thinking; thinking about all the ways I could rebrand The Diary of She. Not just the blog but all my social platforms that go with it. My YouTube Channel, Podcast and Social Media accounts. The longer I stay up the more ideas I have... Continue Reading →

[Quick Rant]-Status:Single

I'm growing tired of scrolling through my social media accounts and seeing men posting, "single AF" in all caps. It's bad enough when us women do it. Makes us look lonely and desperate. So when I see men do it, it's a complete turn off. What's the motive? Are you hoping for a fuck load... Continue Reading →

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