Book Series… Are You Looking For A New One?

The book series starts with Rebecca and Nasir. The two have been together for two years after meeting at a party to celebrate the first anniversary of the publication she works for. Nasir happens to be a real estate agent and owns the home the party is being given. For the people who have had the pleasure of being around Rebecca and Nasir, the relationship seems perfect, but after one date night is canceled and Nasir runs into his first love, their relationship is put to the test.

As A Child

Photo by Kat Smith on As a child I seen the world as this magical place Everyone one seemed full of love The lights were always so vivid even in the dark I seen beauty Music filled my little heart with joy Everything looked picture perfect Maybe that’s why we rush to grow up

Let’s Be Friends – Available Now

Let’s Be Friends available now in ebook, paperback and kindle unlimited at link in bio. After receiving a “Let’s Be Friends” text from her boyfriend of two years, Rebecca is left wondering how her world was turned upside down in less than 24-hours. Rebecca is a beautiful black woman thriving in the world of... Continue Reading →

B&H Book Trailer

Readers have described her work as "empowering," "heartfelt and raw," and "reminds us all that we're worthy of love, especially from ourselves."With her last poetry book, Her Final Entries being compared to Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur.Brokenhearted & Horny explores the ups and downs women go through when it comes to heartbreak, love and... Continue Reading →

Holding On

Photo by Jasmine Carter on I so desperately wanted you to love me; me and only me. Though it seemed liked I moved on, I always had a some hope. Hope that you'd one day change; if not for me for yourself. Once that change came you and I would be as one. But... Continue Reading →

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