[New Music] Jhené Aiko – While We’re Young

Jhene releases a new video, a modern day 50 First Dates 🙂

He walks into a diner to find a woman eating and drawing. The man that works their warns him she has short term memory and to stay away but it doesn’t stop him from approaching and building a relationship with her. Towards the end she’s starting to realize he has been with her all along as she looks at her drawings. Now that’s love! A man who spends everyday reminding/showing you what you’ve become no matter the hardship. She was worth starting over with each and every day. YAS Jhené!!!

[VIDEO] The Truth About Co-Sleeping

Once you start its hard to stop. That bed isn’t yours anymore; it is your child’s and he/she is going to let you know. I remember thinking it was so awesome and cute to share a bed with my son and now I wish he would get out and go sleep in his own. If I say go get in the bed he automatically picks mine… So I thought this was a cute yet accurate video for the single parents that deal with these things:

  • Cover snatching
  • Feet in face/ Wild Sleeping Positions
  • Jumping on the bed – It kills me when Evan does it I just want to pick him up and toss him off the bed..
  • Being covered in Stuffed Animals – this has happened to me a few times. I woke up like WTF? When did this happen
  • Waking up asking for food or juice


[New Video] BiBi Bourelly – “Ballin”

Finally BiBi Bourelly, one of my favorite artist, has released a video for her single, “Ballin.” When I heard this song everything about it gave me life. I could relate to having the financial troubles and check engine lights coming on but no matter what I was going through or how little I make I still felt like the shit. Gotta love BiBi ❤

[Video] dvsn – “With Me/Do It Well”

Okay I’m like a month late with this video but how could I not post this video. I will admit the girl singing along to “With Me” in the car I could have gone without because I’m absolutely in love with this song. I only wanted to hear his voice lol. Other than that I love how he doesn’t appear in his video but uses women in his visuals to bring alive his music. ❤