3 Reasons Public Transportation Has Become My BFF


Some may call me boujee but me and public transportation have never mixed. When I think about it, I think about the germs and all the crazy people who I could possibly bump into. I actually never really had to use public transportation much growing up because I either always had a ride somewhere or was close enough to walk. You’re probably wondering how I survived so long when I didn’t even get my licenses until I turned 19. If it were on me I probably still wouldn’t have a driver’s licenses now but my dislike for PT lead me to it. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’ve never been on a bus, train, or the Bart before. I just don’t prefer it, especially Bart with all the crazy stories about women being killed and assaulted. Oh, and we can’t forget the videos being spread around social media of people doing crack and all that other shit in public. I guess you can say I’ve just always felt safer driving myself to where I needed to go. I have control over who’s around me and my coming and goings.

Ever since I started working in the city, I’ll admit transportation has become my new best friend. I’m still steering away from BART because that I just cannot do but here are the reasons I love me some AC Transit.

1. It’s Convenient 

I can wake up, drop off my son and niece at daycare and then drive a few minutes away to hop on the bus. I just park my car at park & ride and then I’m on my way. Even when my son switches schools for Kindergarten there are enough park & rides located around that I can get to one on time. It also comes straight to my job (4 min walk, longer once the terminal opens back up but that will be my workout).

2. Traffic, Not My Problem

The bus gets me to work way faster than if I was driving because let’s face it, I cannot jump in carpool alone and risk getting a ticket. It’s a smooth ride, I can relax, write, read, take in the view or take a nap. I don’t have to worry about having an extreme headache from stressing about all the traffic and people who should have failed their driver’s test. It also eliminates the road rage; I won’t have any or have to deal with any.

3. Money Saver

The biggest plus for me is its saving me a ton of money. I don’t have to worry about paying double the toll, like I did when I was working in Mountain View. I can save on gas because having to fill up your tank every two days adds up more than you’d like. I don’t have to worry about spending almost $35 everyday to park my car either. Yes, I’m still paying to take the bus and park my car but let’s face it, its way cheaper than what I had been doing all those years.

Taking the bus still has it’s not so great moments.

  • The weird older man watching you from the line, then finding you on the bus to sit by you
  • The heavyset person who is taking over his seat and yours.
  • The guy that smells like a bag of onions making you wish you could pry the windows open

Just to name a few lol.

What do you enjoy about public transportation?

TDOS – Don’t Let Up


In August of 2018 I had lost the one job I had been working for 3 years. Did I panic? Not really but I began to wonder what I’d do with my free time. I had started a merch store (TDOS) selling crewnecks and T-Shirts with a logo I had someone create for this blog, and to help promote my poetry book, which was also entitled The Diary of She.

Long story short, I enjoyed coming up with designs and quotes for my clothing and that’s when I decided to keep the store up instead of taking it down after the few orders I received. My mom went ahead and secured the business name and seller’s permit for me, so The Diary of She would officially be mine, at least for 5 years that is lol.

TDOS – Don’t Let Up

I’ve Made Some Changes.

thought-catalog-641073-unsplashPhoto by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Last night I was up until about midnight thinking; thinking about all the ways I could rebrand The Diary of She. Not just the blog but all my social platforms that go with it. My YouTube Channel, Podcast and Social Media accounts. The longer I stay up the more ideas I have about making quality content and to stop worrying over the quantity.

The first thing that needed to change was my YouTube channel. I decided to completely get rid of it. There wasn’t many videos on there, about nine or so, but the quality of them absolutely sucked. Being that I don’t get the best lighting in my house, everything I recorded looked an absolute mess. I was finding that I was spending more time editing the video to not look so dark, overly bright or pixelated that I didn’t even want to record anymore. On top of that my background didn’t look the best. With that said my YouTube channel won’t be back until I can give you all the quality you deserve. In the meantime I’ve decided to focus on other aspects of my brand.

I’ve Made Some Changes.

With Change Comes Growth

Like a flower needs rain to grow
You need pain to grow

-Mila J


Today I was talking to a good friend of mine as I always do in our group chat and the topic of change came up. Currently I’m in-between jobs and she believes this whole change I’m enduring in life is coming from the universe and the universe is say, “follow your dreams and gain the freedom and happiness you’ve always desired.” Mind you, the universe, as well as those that know me, have been trying to tell me this for a long time  but I always let my 9-5 and the fear of failing stop me.

Someone once told me that the fear I was feeling was the devil trying to hold me back and I can do nothing but agree with that because it was a fact. Now that I’m no longer working I’m so happy I have all this free time to put my fears behind me and jump into what I love most, creating… Podcast, books, YouTube videos and clothing. With Change Comes Growth