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Being shy and extremely antisocial, it was always a difficult task for me when it came to finding my voice. I turned to writing/blogging for an outlet. The Diary of She became a public journal of my personal experiences, thoughts and opinions. along with the things I found myself escaping in most (music). I found that getting out the thoughts floating around in my head was very therapeutic. Through my blogging and writing journey I realized I wasn’t only helping myself but also women who have been and are currently in situations similar to mine. Men were also beginning to get an insight into understanding how women work when it came to our (women’s) thought process.

SHE has become than a blog to me. SHE is a way of life. SHE is so much more than who I was, who I am and who I’m becoming. SHE is YOU and all of those who’ve found it hard to express the pain in their life, the joy and the millions of different voices floating around in your head. SHE is the woman who has become sexually liberated and not afraid of the opinions of other women and men. SHE is for all of us who have been through hell and back but still managed to move forward. SHE is all of US…