Sydney Reneé, 28, is a mother and author born in Oakland, CA. She was raised in multiple cities in and around the Bay Area, including Berkeley, Pinole, and Elk Grove, CA. As a child, expressing herself was a difficult task, but as she grew older, her diaries became a place where she could pour out all of her emotions. In 2008, Sydney went on to attend San Jose State University where she remained undeclared for the first year. At the time, she hadn’t realized that writing was her calling until family and friends brought it to her attention, but in 2013, Sydney graduated with a degree in journalism and gave birth to her son shortly after, causing her to put her dreams of becoming an author on hold. If it weren’t for her family and friends continued support/encouragement to share her gift with the world, she just might’ve given up on her dreams a long time ago.

 Today, Sydney Reneé is back and more determined than ever to create a name for herself and a future for her family. She has written two poetry books and has more books in the works.