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I created The Diary of She, looking for a platform to voice the opinions I silenced and to remind myself that it’s okay to be flawed. Starting off as a music based blog, the direction I thought I wanted to take took a quick turn when I became a mother. TDOS became a platform that I used as a public journal to help me find who I was, not only as a mother, but a woman. Throughout the years my website has gained the attention of women & mother’s like me, whom I want to inspire and empower through my writing and own personal experiences. On this platform you will find articles on being a mother, lifestyle articles like this one about Hating the Games Men Play, health, and you’ll even find articles from Queen Media Collective, which is another blog I contribute to.

One of my favorite sayings I like to use is, “She is me.” It was created when I released my first poetry book, entitled, The Diary of She. If you’re guessing… yes, it was inspired by this blog. The moment I started getting feedback, it was from women expressing to me that I’ve said everything they’ve thought but never expressed. It got me thinking, as women we are all similar no matter how different we may think we are and that’s when she is me was born.

That’s exactly how I feel about this platform. I have something every woman, and occasionally men, can relate to. SHE has become a way of life and a brand I am happy to have created. SHE represents strength, honesty and evolving – survival, hustle and empowerment. To keep the movement going I created the online clothing store, The Diary of She (TDOS) as well, realizing that creating designs for apparel was also becoming a passion of mine. With our assortment of sweaters, T-Shirts and hats, women will have the opportunity to continue to make a statement with inspiring quotes and designs to make you feel comfortable and beautiful.

To stay updated on all things The Diary of She be sure to subscribe to this website. I’m working on getting back to some of my journalism roots and will have more opinion pieces and advice articles for you all. If you’re new to the page take a look at my previous post and see if you can relate to The Diary of She.

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